Friday, June 25, 2010

Blind Helper Till now...

Blind Helper project which aims at making a device that can help the Visually Handicapped people in operating computer was initiated by Mohit Khanna and Anurag Mishra. Till now, the system has been developed with self support and less resources. But, now, the project has got a new spark with the back support of Dr Priya Ranjan from IIT-K. Now, working at Dr Ranjan's Lab, we are very much hopeful to make this project much more effecient and usefull for the Blind people.

Initially we are interested in making the system capable of handling multiple users. So, that means solving some major problems in the way. One of which is like a milestone, and is to allow multiple users hear their own requested audio from the same PC. For single user it was damn easy by just sending the audio out the audio port, but now audio port can't be used, else all the audio streams of different users would be heard all together, superimposed. So, some other technique has been though about which includes sending the audio stream in byte form to respective devices with address. This includes lots of 'think-tank!' as well as this is quite a complex task and as said before, this is one of the biggest milestones of the project... (but not the only one though! ;)

Components have been ordered and we are waiting eagerly for them to arrrive, so that we begin implementing the test codes that we have written..

Meanwhile, the software is also being developed and currently work is being done to integrate the front end (java) with the backend (my sql). The basic low level UART communication from the software has also been implemented and tested. Some basic functionality of checking user password, etc for authentication purpose has also been implemented. These days main 'think tank' about the software end is to device a method of sending audio data in byte form to corresoponding hand held device, and to kind of synchronise the whole system.

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