Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alrite, so its now a pretty long time since my last post..
We have now been working on a new concept of interactive content development assistance in the project. This would lead to content being developed by the care taker or the content developer in being highly interactive in nature. We have also been working on Speech Recognition through limited grammer to increase accuracy. The on-board sound card facility needs lots of improvement. At present just some sort of creaky audio can be heard. There seems to be problem in synchronization in the sending and receiving of packets. The project is paused at present and we will set back to work on it again in march.

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  1. Live streaming turned out to be much more difficult than expected. But probably synchronization is the only main problem in it.. On streaming the songs, I can certainly hear something familiar to music. Its like small clips of 1 seconds or so of the music track, but then comes pause or creaky noise.. And it all is very irregular.. And most of the times, or perhaps I should say all the times, the clip gets repeted. Its like hearing the small half a second of music, n den listening it again, and then some creaky noise. Its cerainly seems to be the synchronisation problem and the internal buffers are not being fed with new packet in synchronised manner which is perhaps leading it to use the older values once again.. If rate of consumption is arnd 4 bytes/s, then the Uart is capable of transferring @ 7 bytes / s.. Overheads are also not too much. For a packet of around 128 bytes, the overhead is of around 8-10 bytes only..