Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1second long Audio Data plays from from ckt! :-) And guess wat! I walked 10 km today in rain! :-)

Ah! My day started with my mom telling me to get some work done in market.. So made plan to meet one of my old friend as well! Who! I met him today after around 5 years! But as I left from his house, it started raining! With such a beautiful whether, how could I have not enjoyed it! Its fun to get wet in rain! :-) Enjoyed that after sooo many years! I walked back home around 8-10 km away in rain! Felt awesome! :-) Met two of my school friends on the way as well! And samosa and lassi on the way were too delicious! Yummy! :-)

But, throughout, mind was still in the circuit and the concept and thinkng why I was getting error and why I was not able to hear a piece of music stored in the MCU. So set out to work soon after reaching home after a 1:30-2 hour walk! :-)
And yipieee, after few adjustments, it worked! Though it was just a 1 second clip of a telephone bell ringing and extended by putting it in loop, yet the feeling of its first running was gr8! Adjusted some other parameters and worked out to interrelate them and find the optimum...

So, things do seem to be moving on the right track! :-) Now, will be working on streaming a complete song from PC to the circuit and then decode and play it Live.

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